To fulfill these objectives, CHIX provides:

  • An internet Exchange point
  • Connectivity services, such as transport and peering in and out of Switzerland
  • The infrastructure to enable the members to use these services.
  • A redundant Route Server to enable automated and filtered/secured peering.

How to join :

  •  Any person or organisation who has an interest in these goals, and agrees with the organisation statutes can join CHIX, therefore the joining policy is open. CHIX‘ committee can choose to deny membership to an applying member and will not have to motivate that decision.

To join the IXP :

  • You need to be an organisation or private person with an ASN and your own IP space.
  • CHIX provides route servers. Peers are free to organize themselves. As the rule goes with alcohol, peer responsibly
  • The joining member must have up to date RIR records, and take care of the security of the devices within their network.
  • Peering agreements on direct sessions must be bilateral and always agreed between the members, and is not the responsibility of CHIX.